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Our Team

Our Team

BCO consists of a team of highly skilled, professional, and licensed Arizona hunting guides. Every one of our guides is skilled in the art of locating quality animals in all corners of the state of AZ. With a ton of personality throughout the group, we often get special requests from repeat clients who want to hunt with a specific guide out of the group again. All are extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of big game hunting and have had great success in the field throughout their careers and personal lives. It is also important to know that we work as a team in everything we do. It is very rare that you will see one BCO guide alone with a client. We like to team up and give both our clients and guides the best opportunity to be successful in the field. One interesting aspect of our team is that every single employee of BCO is either a structure or a wildland firefighter. All are trained in advanced EMS and first aid skills and most are even nationally certified paramedics. Being a group of firefighters, clients can rest assured that safety is of our utmost priority and we take your and our safety, very seriously. In addition to being skilled hunting guides and firefighters, our guides all can provide a first-class camp, tailored to meet any hunter's needs. Below are the BCO BOYS...

JP Vicente - Owner/Outfitter

JP Vicente - Owner/Outfitter

JP Vicente founded Big Chino Outfitters in 1987. His passion for hunting has led him to seek every opportunity to be in the field, which is exactly the reason why Big Chino Outfitters emerged over 30 years ago! The desire of clients and new hunters to be able to hunt trophies with JP is unrivaled. With his amount of experience, JP has gained a great reputation for calling in monster bulls and finding trophy bucks across much of the southwestern United States. His over 35+ years of experience in the outdoors has provided him and the rest of BCO with a very vast and dynamic knowledge of hunting trophy big game animals across the entire southwest. 

JP is a Native of Arizona who grew up in the outdoors. He is married to his wife Shawn Vicente, and have been married since 1983. They have raised a family with 2 sons, Michael and Junior, and a daughter Brianna. Their children grew up hunting and fishing and are now raising their own families in the outdoors. JP served in the US Army as a Flight Medic and had a well-established career as a Fire Captain Paramedic for almost 30 years and has since retired from the fire service.

JP loves spending time teaching youth hunters that are just getting involved in the outdoors to embody everything there is in being a true "outdoorsman". The "Leave No Trace" theory of the US Forest Service is something that JP takes great pride in as an outdoorsman. JP also is an avid bowhunter chasing trophy big game animals across most of North America. 

JP seeks serious trophy hunters to hunt with and hopes that you will call soon to visit about hunting in Arizona and Sonora Mexico. Feel free to contact JP directly at any time.  Email: BigChinoOutfitters@gmail.com or call/text his cell phone: 928-925-9395

Michael Vicente - Operations

Michael Vicente - Operations

Michael Vicente is the eldest son of his father JP. Michael has grown up in the outdoors following his dad around the mountains of Arizona since even before he could walk. Michael’s 1st hunting experience started on his dad’s shoulders when he was just 2 years old. His knowledge and experience of hunting southwestern big game animals as well as the Arizona outdoors is unmatched. Michael is married to his wife Shannel and both have 3 kids together (Hunter, Jase, and Bexley Mae). Michael has his Fire Science Degree and studied at Arizona State University, and currently, Michael serves on the Peoria Fire Department as a professional Firefighter Paramedic in his free time. If you wish to speak to Michael you can do so by contacting him on his cell phone, at 928-925-9394 or by email at BigChinoOutfitters@gmail.com

Junior Vicente -  Head of Marketing

Junior Vicente - Head of Marketing

Junior is the youngest of the Vicente boys, he, like his brother has been in the outdoors since birth. Junior like his old brother Michael, has become a world-class hunter and is extremely methodical behind the glass. Junior has been helping locate animals since he was a young child with his dad JP in hunting camps all over the state. Junior has been working behind the scenes for BCO heading up all social media, marketing, industry partnerships, and filmography over the last 5 years. He finished his College Football career and bachelor's degree in 2015, he has completed a degree in Business Management as well as a bachelor's degree in Public Safety at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff Arizona, and is currently serving as a Firefighter for the City of Phoenix during the off-season. We are excited about what he brings to the future of this family-owned and operated business. You can contact Junior anytime at Email: junior.bigchino@gmail.com or Cell: 928-830-7176

Cody Philpott

Cody Philpott - Lead Guide

Cody joined BCO 4 years ago and at only 23 years old, he has easily become one of the true young talents in the hunting industry. A native of Flagstaff, AZ, Cody, like the rest of us, grew up in the outdoors. One thing about Cody is you can always find him outside hiking, scouting new areas, or shed hunting. Cody specializes in our late season rifle elk hunts as well as rifle mule deer hunts. Cody is one of the best behind glass that we have seen for his age. He continues to explore and find new areas and finds quality everywhere he goes. One of Cody's biggest hunting accomplishments so far is guiding two late rifle elk clients to two 360-inch bulls on the same day, harvesting them both only 10 seconds apart. 

Cody currently lives in Flagstaff, AZ, and is a seasonal wildland firefighter on a hot shot crew. We look forward to the future with Cody and what he brings to the table. As he is an integral part of a BCO and its future. You can contact Cody anytime via Email: bigchinooutfitters@gmail.com or Cell: 928-606-1480

RC Matock- Guide

RC Matock - Guide

RC became a part of BCO 5 years ago now. Starting out as a spotter, RC quickly honed his craft and has become a very valuable asset to the BCO team. RC grew up hunting all over northern Arizona with his father Bob, having a long history of success. RC specializes in our late rifle elk hunts and our limited-opportunity elk units. RC along with guide Michael have both taken the lead on building a 1500-yard rifle range and are the team's "go-to" guys for anything long-range shooting throughout the season. RC has shown what it means to be a true professional in this industry and we are excited about what the future holds for him being a part of our team.

RC currently resides in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Kristy and their 3 children. RC, like the rest of us, is also a fireman in his free time. RC currently serves as a Firefighter Paramedic for the City of Peoria. You can reach RC anytime at Email: BigChinoOutifitters@gmail.com Cell: 602-708-1873

Dustin Olague- Guide

Dustin Olague - Guide

Dustin David Olague “Deeoh” was a BCO son and brother. He was one of our brightest young talents here at BCO over the last 5 years emerging and earning the badge as one of our “Lead Guides”. Dustin passed away in a tragic boating accident at Lake Powell on May 29, 2020. He will forever be a part of the BCO brotherhood. 

Jon Lockwood- Guide

Jon Lockwood - Guide

Rodney Bebee- Guide

Rodney Bebee - Guide

Hunter Garman- Guide

Hunter Garman - Guide

Mark Beneitone- Guide

Mark Beneitone - Guide

Max Fish-Guide

Max Fish - Guide