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Arizona Guided Mule Deer Hunts

Guided Mule Deer Hunts Arizona

Here at BCO, we have over 30 years of experience chasing high-caliber Mule Deer bucks in the state of Arizona. We hunt GIANT bucks on the Arizona Strip Units 13A/13B and on the North Rim Kaibab in units 12A/12B. Recently we have had huge success in these units and have spent countless hours learning and hunting those deer. Not to mention countless hours of scouting and trail camera work in each of those units separately. Our promise is that we will ONLY hunt 200+inch bucks on any Trophy Mule Deer hunt in AZ. 

Contact us today to put a strategy together through our Application Assistance Program (AAP) for your next tag! 

Ask about our EASY TO DRAW general season tags and come hunt quality bucks without waiting 20 years. Also, be sure to ask about our Archery over-the-counter "OTC" deer hunts below. It's the MOST overlooked hunt in the west and the best part is NO DRAW or application required! 

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OTC Archery Mule Deer Hunts Arizona

Archery (OTC) Mule Deer hunts

Over the Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts in Arizona are the most overlooked hunts in the West, with opportunities at trophy caliber bucks with an average of 160 – 180 inches, bucks exceeding 180+ annually, and our biggest archery buck to date being 223 inches! 

Early Season Archery hunts begin the last week of August through mid-September annually. Bucks are in bachelor groups with 3-5 bucks running together in a group. Spot and Stalk or Sitting on patterned bucks to water sources and slat licks are commonly used as a strategy. The patterned bucks are captured on our Stealth Trail Cams, which allows us to put together the best game plan for your hunt. We also offer late season Archery OTC Hunts in the RUT! This hunt starts in mid-December and runs through the end of January. 

With Archery OTC Hunts, the archery shots vary based on the archer's skill set. Typically in the West, archery shots average 50 yards. Archers need to be efficient with their archery skills, but with today's archery equipment and technology, most hunters can make shots over 50 yards. The bottom line is simple: the guides at Big Chino Outfitters will show you bucks and will work as a team to develop the best hunt strategy for your hunt based on your skill set. This could be a spot-and-stalk or sitting water and salt type of hunt, depending on our scouting and the animals' patterns or movements. You can typically expect to make at least one stalk per day on a trophy-caliber buck. 

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AZ Mule Deer Hunting

Mule Deer Hunters Checklist


  • Airfare to Phoenix or Flagstaff
  • Ground shuttle from Phoenix to Prescott (book round trip) Groome Shuttle 928-442-1000
  • Rental Car or Transportation to Camp or designated Hunt Area


Bow - 2 dozen arrows - 6 practice arrows - hard case - soft case - bow harness – don’t forget your release!


Weapon - 2-3 Boxes of Ammunition- ML 20 Bullets Sabots - Pellets - Bullet Starter - seating Rod - Rifle Case both Hard and Soft.


  • Binoculars 15's recommended 12's or 10's minimum power
  • Spotting scope 20 x 60
  • Leopold - Swarovski
  • Tri Pod System with Pistol Grip and Panning Attachment
  • Range Finder
  • Bino Bivy




  • Consider lightweight GTX style with a supported arch 3⁄4” high
  • Camp shoes/Tennis shoes/Crocs
  • Snow Packs, if snow is possible
  • 4 pairs of Merino wool socks “Darn Tough” or ”Han Wag” recommended

Personal Gear:

  • Sleeping bag lightweight 15-degree bag for late season and a lightweight pad
  • Camp clothes
  • Medications
  • Toiletries
  • Personal snacks
  • Adult beverages can be purchased upon arrival. Big Chino does not provide any alcoholic beverages for clients. Upon request, a beverage stop can be made on the way to camp.


  • 2 sets of sub layers
  • Lightweight for Early Season
  • Camo Patterns and Recommended Gear

      Late Season System Recommended Sub-Alpine Camo

  • 10021 - Core Merino Boxer
  • 10033 - Core Light Weight Long Sleeve
  • 10041 - Core Heavy Weight Bottom
  • 10040 - Core Heavy Weight Hoody
  • 50032 - Jetstream Jacket
  • 50113 - Timberline Pants
  • 3055 - Kelvin Active Jacket
  • 30053 - Kelvin Down Hoody
  • 30031 - Kelvin Lite Pants
  • 30044 - Kelvin Lite Vest
  • 50067 - Stormfront Jacket
  • 50068 - Stormfront Pant
  • 90189 - Stormfront Cap
  • 90077 - Blizzard Beanie
  • 90150 - Coldfront Glove
  • 90177 - Traverse Glove
  • 90023 - Stormfront Gaiter
  • 90164 - Stealth Belt or 90155 - Bomber Belt
  • 90096 - Core Heavy Weight Balaclava
  • 40054 - Bino Bivy 8x-10x
  • 40055 - Bivy 30 Pack
  • 50093 - Ballistic Vest and Beanie