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Arizona Trophy Hunting Outfitter & Guide Service

Elk Hunting Outfitter

  Thank you for coming to Big Chino Outfitters. BCO, established in 1987 by founder JP Vicente, is a family owned and operated Outfitting company, based out of Prescott, Arizona. J.P. has established himself as one of the "go-to" premier Outfitters in the southwest over the last 30+ years due to his deep rooted knowledge and success of finding some of the biggest bull elk in Arizona additionally, some of the biggest Mule Deer Bucks this state has to offer. JP, a native of Arizona, raised his two sons, Michael and Junior, in the outdoor and Outfitting industry. Over the last 20+ years, coupled with their fathers knowledge and over 30+ years of guiding and Outfitting experience, the trio have become one of the true top-tier elk, antelope, and mule deer Outfitters in the entire southwest.

  From Trophy Arizona Strip Deer Tags, to Early Archery Trophy Elk hunts in Arizona's coveted Unit 9, world class trophy antelope tags and Over-The-Counter (OTC) NO DRAW hunting opportunities. We hope that you will choose Big Chino Outfitters for all of your future Arizona big game Outfitting needs. Here at BCO we offer fully guided and outfitted hunts, semi guided hunts, as well DIY drop camps and scouting packages. We can cater any hunt to meet every clients expectations. We are committed to providing the highest quality Outfitted hunting experience the southwest has to offer. Thank you and welcome to Big Chino Outfitters. 

Arizona Elk Hunts

Arizona Mule Deer Hunting Outfitter

We offer a wide variety of QUALITY Mule Deer hunts around the entire state of Arizona. From General season rifle hunts to premium late season rut hunts. We do it ALL. For those lucky hunters that drew The PREMIUM TROPHY AZ Archery/Rifle Mule Deer tags, we’ve had a long and successful history on both the world famous Arizona Strip units 13A & 13B as well as the coveted North Rim Kaibab units 12A and 12B, harvesting multiple 200-250 inch class bucks over the last 20 years. Be sure to contact us about our Application Assistance Program (AAP) for help with questions and strategies to draw a tag next season!  

For those that have NEVER APPLIED IN AZ BEFORE or didn’t draw a tag for the upcoming season. Ask us about our very popular NO DRAW REQUIRED ARCHERY OTC (over -the -counter) deer tags. The most overlooked hunt in west, come hunt bachelor groups of velvet bucks in August and September. Or better yet come chase BIG rutted up bucks in the heart of their rutting season in December and January. Hunting quality bucks from the 160-180 class. This is one hunt that you don't want to miss if you’ve ever dreamed of killing a quality Mule Deer buck with your bow. 

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Guided Elk Hunts in Arizona

Arizona Trophy Elk Hunting Outfitter

ALL Arizona Elk tags are DRAW tags only, tags that you will have to acquire through an open application period from the State of Arizona Game and Fish Department. For those that have drawn a coveted Arizona elk tag, we are equipped to guide ANY Trophy Elk Hunt in Arizona during ALL seasons including archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts. Arizona offers a wide variety of elk hunts from early season Archery rut hunts in September to late season Rifle elk hunts in December and many in between.

NEVER APPLIED FOR ELK IN AZ BEFORE??? Be sure to ask about our EASY TO DRAW “Limited Opportunity” bull tags or late season Archery/Rifle tags and come hunt 320-360 inch bulls in 0-5 years of applying! We pride ourselves on hunting only the biggest bulls we can find every year and have had great success keeping a 350+ inch average for our clients. Contact us today to book a true once-in-a-lifetime elk hunting experience. 

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Arizona Antelope Hunts

Arizona Antelope Hunting Outfitter

ALL Arizona Antelope tags are DRAW tags through an open application period through the State of Arizona Game and Fish Department. Arizona Antelope tags are considered one of the most coveted hunts in the not only the state but also the entire southwest because of Arizona’s high quality management of the species.

For those that have drawn tags or for those looking to draw, We guide ALL archery, muzzleloader, and rifle pronghorn hunts across the entire state. With a long history of harvesting 83-90 inch bucks every season over the last 30+ years.

These hunts are considered “Trophy Hunts” and can take most resident and non-resident clients 15+ years to draw a tag in the Arizona lottery draw system. 

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Arizona Trophy Sheep Hunts

Arizona Bighorn Sheep Hunting Outfitter

All Arizona Desert/Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep tags are DRAW tags. Arizona Bighorn sheep tags are considered the most highly coveted draw tags in the southwestern United States. Tags are extremely limited each year and typically hunters will need to have applied and built bonus points for 25+ years to be considered for these highly sought after tags. In recent years we have added some very seasoned and knowledgeable guides to our team with a long history of success and understanding hunting Bighorn sheep in this state. If you would like to discuss application options or draw strategies to hunt Bighorn Sheep in Arizona, please contact us ASAP. 

Arizona Coues Deer Hunts

Arizona Coues Deer Hunting Outfitter

The Arizona Coues Deer Hunt is one of the most underrated hunts in the west, with opportunities at trophy caliber bucks ranging from 90-105 B&C on average, with some bucks harvested exceeding 110+ B&C. Arizona Rifle Coues Deer tags are not nearly as difficult to obtain in the draw here in Arizona. Hunts begin the last week of October during the General Rifle season, running through December during the rut. Let us help you obtain a Coues Deer tag through our application assistance program. 

Arizona Coues Deer, like their counterpart mule deer also have open seasons during the OVER THE COUNTER ARCHERY HUNT (OTC). NO DRAW REQUIRED. If you are an avid archer, and have dreamt of harvesting the elusive Southwest Coues White-tailed deer then look no further. Majority of our Coues deer units around the state are open to archers during August and September. As well as during the rut in December and January. Contact us to learn more about Arizona’s Archery OTC Deer hunting opportunities. 

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The Arizona Hunting Guides

The Arizona Hunting Guides

The entire Big Chino team is compiled of a group of highly skilled and highly passionate true outdoorsman. All natives of Arizona, our team of highly skilled guides are well versed in the art of locating, glassing, tracking, and harvesting quality animals year after year. Our guides spend over 200 days a year in the mountains of Arizona, either scouting, hunting, hanging trail cameras, shed hunting, or just simply finding new areas of interest. Our guides embody what it means to be a true Professional Outdoorsman. The coolest part of ALL BCO employees.....We are all FIREMEN in our offseason!!! Some are city based structure firefighters and some wildland hotshots, we all share a unique bond of being public servants and are committed to serving and keeping our respective communities and forests safe. 

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