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The Arizona Hunting Lodge

Arizona Hunting Lodge

Depending on the hunt and units we are hunting in, many clients will be housed at our main HQ with all the amenities of home, but without the stress. Our hunting lodge consists of 2 main client cabins with separate bedrooms, a main eating hall, a separate full kitchen, a complete Sorinex gym, and a skinning and butchering station. Our HQ comes fully equipped with a 1500-yard rifle range as well as an archery range. It is the ideal location to relax and unwind after an exciting day of Arizona big game hunting. Sit back and enjoy scenic views, vast landscapes, good weather, and a low-stress hunt while we take care of the rest for you. Be sure to ask us if your next hunt with us will be out of our main HQ or one of our remote camps!

Dining at the AZ Hunting Lodge

Hunting Lodge Dining & Amenities

For every hunt, we will strive to serve only the best quality food to our clients that we can find. A camp cook will be on hand in each camp, ready to cater all meals throughout your hunt. We offer everything from “Ribeye” Fridays to authentic Mexican cuisine, made-from-scratch Asian egg rolls, as well as delicious homemade desserts. Grab some premium brewed coffee and a freshly made breakfast burrito on your way out the door in the mornings to get your day started the right way. We can 100% guarantee that you will not go hungry in our camps. Any clients with special diets or food allergies, we can accommodate you in any way possible.

NOTE: ANY and ALL alcoholic beverages will be 100% provided by the client. Thank you for your understanding.

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