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Over The Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts in Arizona

Guided OTC Hunts Arizona

Guided OTC Hunts Arizona

One of the primary ways hunting in Arizona differentiates itself from other states is the abundance of public land and lack of landowner permits. This makes the the Arizona Draw critical to hunters but many hunters don’t realize that Arizona tags aren’t all draw hunts and over the counter tags are available for some hunts. Arizona offers some great OTC hunting options.

At Big Chino Outfitters we offer fully guided outfitted over the counter hunts with Lodging and Meals.  Depending on the hunter we have cabins, as well as RV wall tent camps and backpack wilderness hunts for Archery Mule Deer & Couse Deer.

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Over The Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts Arizona

Over The Counter Archery Mule Deer Hunts Arizona

The Arizona OTC Archery Mule Deer Hunt is the most over looked hunt in the west with opportunity at trophy caliber bucks with an average 160-180 class bucks with annually bucks exceeding 180+. Last year we killed a 201 gross typical and a 223 non typical buck. 

Shots vary based on the Archers Skill set. We tell folks in the west 40-50 yard shots are what Archers should be efficient at but with to days technology many hunters are capable of over 50 yard shots. The bottom line is this we will show you the bucks, we will as a team hunter and guide develop the strategy for the hunt, ie Stalk, Sit etc... but ultimately you as the hunt have to be able to hunt, stalk, sit and shoot we can't do that for you. You can expect to make a minimum of one stalk a day as the strategy of stalking Mule deer is locating them. and  making a move on them when they bed or cut them off as they move.

We also have deer patterned to water, salt licks, movement areas etc.. We typically have ground blinds set up 30 yards out as  an option for sitters  

OTC Guided Mule Deer Packages

1 on 1 Guided Mule Deer Hunts: $7500.00 Per Hunter

2 on 1 Hunts are available call for pricing!

DIY Packages Scouting Packages Public Land: 

1 Hunter = $2,000 Per Unit 

2 Hunters = $3,000 Per Unit 

3 Hunters = $4,000 Per Unit

4 Hunters = $5,000 Per Unit

Multi Unit discounts Call for Pricing!

Scouting Reports Are Based on the following Criteria:

  1.  Annual Scouting From May 1st Throughout the entire season.
  2. Previous Hunt Year Inventory of bucks known to have survived. 
  3. Phone Scoping Pics and Video taken while in the field scouting and hunting.
  4. Historical areas of deer movement patterns based on weather, feed, water, shelter hunt pressure.
  5. Road system understanding and best access points

How do you get the information

  1. Hunters will need to Download the Avenza Flatline Map per Unit App
  2. Pin Locations for the designated Hunt Area 
  3. Updates will be provided through out the season up to 2 week prior to the designated Hunt Dates if new information is collected

NOTE: DIY Hunters Who Purchase Scouting Report Only will provide their own camp, lodging, meals, etc... 

DIY DROP CAMPS -Arizona Archery OTC Mule Deer-Couse Deer- With Scouting Package:

Drop Camps Include the Following:

  1. Scouting Report
  2. Wall Tent or Teepee (Based on Number of Hunters)
  3. Cots-Camp Chairs-Table
  4. 15 Gallons Water
  5. Cook Stove  Camp Chef with 5 Gallons Propane
  6. Lantern-Shovel-Garbage Can Trash Bags
  7. Wood Burning Stove with Wood for Late Season Hunts

Note: It's the Responsibility of the Hunters to keep a clean camp and maintain a litter free environment. Hunters responsible to remove and haul out all garbage debris and properly discard the garbage.

Rate Options:

  • 1 Hunter $2500
  • 2 Hunters $4000
  • 3 Hunters $5000
  • 4 Hunters $6000
  • Food Drop Provided if requested $750 per Hunter additional

Archery Deer OTC Season Dates in Arizona

Early Season Mule Deer Hunts:

Hunts begin 3rd Friday of August through 2nd Thursday of September.  Summer Range bucks in velvet for this hunt. Typically bachelor groups varying between 3-5 bucks in a group. Spot and stalk and sitting on patterned bucks to water or licks.

Late Season Mule Deer Hunts:

Late Season hunts in Northern Arizona start 2nd Friday of December  and end January 31st with the rut peaking around the last week of December and the 1st & 2nd weeks of January. 

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